Biolyrics first started as a project of mine in 2006 when, as a young senior in High-school, I encountered a severe distortion of science. Mainly, my so called “professor” had went on for a whole hour on why evolution is likely wrong and spent all of 20 minutes explaining “What Darwinists believe”.

In 2006, our town also got its first taste of non-56k lines; high-speed has just touched down in a big way. I was fortunate to have had the introduction to html scripting by my middle-school teachers. But I knew that biolyrics needed to be special. The name came about because I wanted to sing the praises of scientific endeavours (admittedly, I’ve never articulated that concept in this way before).

In addition to posting links to various resources about the subject of evolution, I also decided to (out of a bit of spite) study like mad and post “Cheat Sheets” which were vigorous outlines of what we had learned in class. Later, I arranged them chronologically and taxonomically.

Alas, the old biolyrics is probably long-deleted in some mishap. I made no changes of note until June of 2008, when I started writing about my upcoming life as a Cognitive Science student (I am still categorizing and posting these).

It is my sincere wish that you also find these words palatable, the ideas contemplatable, and the values reassuringly close to your own.

Dear reader, you are now about to embark on what I hope is an enlightening journey into the crevices of not just my thoughts, but on the nature of thinking itself.

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