Stormy Weather

Low VFR Conditions over Surrey/Langley

It’s been a rought couple of weeks in the Pacific Northwest. The weather has been colder than here than in most parts of Canada (including a number of the territories). As a result, my body has decided to adopt a more nocturnal schedule. Of course, this runs contrary to my wishes, but alas it will still take some time (or an overnighter) to get myself out of the sunrise club.

I couldn’t afford to do flying lessons this week, but I did get to hop along with my fellow student as he did some circuits over Langley. The weather wasn’t perfect (as you can see), but it was still good enough to hold patterns (circuits) over the runway and practice some landings. I got a little more experience in the Piper Cherokee as well. It’s hard to keep oneself familiarized with an airplane when you only fly once a month.

I keep starting programming projects in order to learn new concepts and languages, but I must admit, my business skills could use some improvement. In this way, it is a lot like a plane. For I may know theories of aerodynamics, flight, and airmanship; but it is a completely different thing to be able to apply them in the entropic skies.

So, I will keep flying in this stormy weather and try not to break. I will land because I must.

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