Learning to Fly

Learning to Fly

The freedom offered by the skies are not always within reach. And, if we are to think of flying as our act of freedom, we find that we are still restrained by money.

Indeed, now that I’ve graduated SFU with my Cognitive Science degree, I have made it a point to try to pull myself up by my bootstraps and build a business. To be able to work for myself is the kind of freedom I have sought after for as long as I can remember. I am aware of the inherent difficulties in running one’s own business, but I will not be deterred by bad weather.

And the weather is certainly bad this week. I have had a number of things go wrong on me: ranging from a client going to their old supplier due to shady business practises, to a demand of un-compensated work for a project which has long since expired. Vancouver’s ever-present rain only dampens my spirits, but I keep marching onwards.

For when one decides to take off, one must be prepared to deal with any of these situations. Care must be taken to ensure that the plane can land without damaging the contents. Adverse weather must be predicted and avoided accordingly. All of this while ensuring that you never run out of gas.

So, I’ll keep flying. Even now, while my path ahead is blocked by fog. My cargo needs to get to its destination safely, and I need to keep delivering cargo in order to ensure that I can fly.

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