truths and Truth

public draft, as I am likely to revise these statements…

When I was in Grade 12 I had always wanted to start a philosophy club. Although that idea never took off, I was fortunate enough to encounter a book, 101 Philosophy Problems. This book led me to start asking myself more serious questions about my attitudes about life. More importantly, I started asking questions about Truth itself.

Now, after 5 years of studying the only truth-interpretive aspect of ourselves (i.e. the mind), and studying the biology which goes into such an object, I would like to take a moment to purport my own views about Truth versus truth. In particular, let’s dive into the deep vestiges of this amateur philosopher’s mind:

  • If you are alive than you will die.

  • Humans are alive.

and one important corollary truth:

  • If you are reading this you are alive.

If you understand the implications of this, than there is one key Truth which drives your behaviour:

  • Life is limited.

A morbid statement, but nonetheless important.

Now allow me to posit one more truth, and you can decide if you would like to capitalize that “t” or not:

  • Your limited life is the product of the limited lives of others.

One could posit that this existence we live is simply a shared virtual experience (ala Matrix), but I doubt that.

Instead, I like to worship and respect these Truths. When I fully understand them, they are what make me happy. They are my happy place. For these Truths imply that I, a living being, am obligated by species to improve our world. Regardless of whether my brain is wired up to believe this statement, it brings me great pleasure in all aspects of my social life. For example, when I meet a person now, I cannot help but think of all the experiences they have felt previously, and more morbidly, all of the things they may do before they die.

This is humanity. And in this existence common questions crop up, but they can only be occurring because of the inter-connectedness of our particular species of living creature.

Here’s another truth:

  • Without language, there would be no way to allow humans to pass on existences to one another.

and a (sort of) corollary:

  • Language can never fully communicate existences.

So, if you were wondering why I left most of these truths uncapitalized, it was merely because I can never be sure if you “got it”. I will leave you with my most joyous truth:

  • I’m glad I get to share this slice of life, this existence, with you, mortal reader.☺
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